Welcome to the Single National Curriculum (SNC) Feedback Portal.

Here you will find a DRAFT version of updates to the curriculum for ECCE to Grade 12. Please give your feedback on all material shared.

After feedback is incorporated, SNC for Grades 6-8 will be notified for implementation in the Academic Year starting in 2022. First round of feedback for these grades is due on December 20, 2021.

An updated curriculum for ECCE to Grade 5 and for Grades 9-12 will be notified later, for implementation in the Academic Year starting 2023.

Social Studies


The 2020 General Knowledge and Social Studies Curricula have been reviewed and a few refinements have been made to make teaching and learning in classrooms more effective and inclusive.

The first broad category of change is restructuring content to maintain progression. The previous version of the Single National Curriculum did not have a progression grid for SST and the one for GK only had domains mentioned, which did not map clearly to the SLOS. This resulted in several concepts being repeated in multiple grades. Another challenge was that some concepts were introduced later but their application was embedded in textbooks in earlier grades.

Secondly, while the 2020 SNC had a clear approach of promoting experiential learning, it did not reflect clearly in the SLOs. The SLOs have been refined in several places to facilitate active engagement in classrooms. This will be expanded more in the suggested activities that will be uploaded by the end of December 2021.

Lastly, while the GK and SST curricula had no discriminatory content, there was room to make it more inclusive by giving visibility and more room to marginalized groups like the Khawajasara community, mixed ability individuals, ethnic, and religious minority groups.

SST curriculum grade 4 and 5

  1. The SLO of diversity has been moved from the domain ‘Citizenship' to the domain ‘Culture as it is more suitable there in books 4 and 5.

  2. The Human Rights SLO: remove the explanation of fundamental human rights in book 4 as it is repetitive. It is elaborated in Grade 5.

  3. Common etiquettes grade 5 SLO: rephrased to increase rigour and avoid repetition.

  4. The SLO for the domain ‘Nation has been rephrased and re-sequenced for language improvement.

  5. The SLO stating ‘define culture is changed to describe culture.

  6. Interfaith Harmony SLO for grade 4 has been expanded and split into two: celebrating festivals is the second part

  7. Communication: define has been changed to describe communication. Rationale: enhancement of verbs

  8. Second SLO of communication changed: Recall forms of communication to investigate how forms of communication have evolved.
    Rationale: to increase rigour and avoid repetition. This SLO is now inquiry-based (higher order).

  9. Domain Culture: Grade 5: nationalism SLO moved to Grade 4 to improve the flow and progression.

  10. Grade 5: Adding two new SLOs about inclusion: ‘Describe inclusion and explain its benefits for a nation.
    Add: List ways in which Pakistan can be made more inclusive for women, transgender community, religious and ethnic minorities and mixed ability groups.

  11. Domain ‘Communication: SLO changed to: explain mass media and social media and investigate their advantages and disadvantages.

  12. SLO: delete advantages and disadvantages of different forms of communication to: recognize the need to verify information received through social and mass media.

  13. SLO about ‘Multiculturalism: rephrased as identify the norms and advantages of a multicultural society.

  14. Add SLO: Identify the major diverse groups and their key characteristics in Pakistani society: gender - including transgender community, religions, ethnicities, mixed abilities - physical and mental

  15. Cultural Diversity SLOs have been swapped between grades 4 and 5: Describe cultural diversity of Pakistan (...) in grade 4 and a new SLO in grade 5: Explain shared values and norms amongst diverse cultures of Pakistan (hospitality, sports, events, resilience, etc).

  16. Move interfaith harmony SLO from grade 4 to grade 5: in grade 4 we will just keep how minorities celebrate festivals.

  17. State and Government:
    SLO from grade 4
    describe basic characteristic of constitutions moved to grade 5

  18. SLO about ‘Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens as defined by the Constitution is now mentioned in both grades 4 and 5 for repetition and age appropriateness.

  19. SLOs of ‘Organs of Government moved to Grade 5.

  20. SLOs of ‘Rules and Laws moved to grade 5.

  21. Adding a new SLO to grade 4: demonstrate the voting process and the formation of government by doing class election.

  22. Concept of Democracy (as the most preferred form of government) added to grade 5.

  23. The SLOs of grade 4 about ‘Leaders has been rephrased to increase rigour.

  24. The SLO about the ‘Formation of Political Parties (and their manifestos) was deleted due to repetition.

  25. The SLOs of ‘Constitution moved from book 4 to book 5 rephrased to increase rigour and avoid repetition.

  26. History (Grade 4): ‘Define history to be removed from grade 6 due to repetition.

  27. SLO: delete ‘Early Settlements SLOs because of repetition.

  28. SLO about ‘Advent, Lifestyle, and Decline to be changed only to retain ‘Lifestyle. Condensing it due to repetition. This is done in grade 6 in detail.
    ‘Describe significant aspects of daily life and social organization/governance in a few early civilisations.

  29. Adding a new SLO: ‘Describe main events that led to the creation of Pakistan.

  30. SLO (grade 4) changed to ‘describe the role of at least two historical personalities (Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, etc).

  31. SLO Grade 5 changed to describe the salient features of at least one of the ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia, Nile, Indus, Greek, Roman, and Ghandhara).

  32. Grade 5: SLO about contributions of provinces to be deleted as this has been covered.

  33. Geography (new SLO): describe instead of define: Enlist the uses of maps and globes.

Split in two: identify the key elements of a map/globe.

  1. Change the SLO: delete define and change to locate all continents and major oceans/seas.

  2. Change the SLO: Verb ‘explain changed to apply the concept of bolts ....

  3. Sequencing: ‘Weather and climate moved after ‘Landforms.

  4. Move the SLO of differentiate between weather and climate to Grade 4 and merge (weather and climate) to ‘Define and differentiate between weather and climate.

  5. Deleted SLO: elements of climate due to repetition.

  6. Domain ‘Citizenship: Added SLO ‘Emphasize the importance of sustainability ... (WASH).

  7. Domain ‘Geography: Added SLO ‘Describe the consequences of non-sustainable actions in peoples interaction with their natural environment.

  8. Moved identify the different occupations of people to book 5

  9. Moved food security to Book 5

  10. Natural disasters in Grade 4 moved to grade 5

  11. Moved population from Grade 5 to Grade 4

  12. Merged the natural disaster SLOs in Grade 5 with grade 4

  13. Domain ‘Geography: SLO changed to ‘Suggest safety measures that can be adapted in case of natural disasters, e.g. floods and earthquakes (before, during, and after)

  14. Book 5: Geography: SLO changed about types of maps

  15. Added SLO to Domain 'Geography: Apply the concept of BOLTS using physical or political maps

  16. Book 5 SLO about distinctive characteristic of physical regions has been moved to book 4

  17. Deleting the SLO compare the lives of people living in different regions of Pakistan, as it is already given in culture.

  18. Rephrase the SLO on choices in Domain Economics to recognise how choices are made according to ones personal needs and resources.

  19. Merged the SLO of the consumers and producers from grade 5 to avoid repetition to ‘Identify the function of consumers and producers.

  20. Added examples of entrepreneurship from Pakistan in grade 4 Domain ‘Economics

  21. Grade 5 Domain ‘Economics: SLO changed from to increase rigour to Recognise entrepreneurial skills and competencies.

  22. Deleted SLO due to repetition: Explain the different behaviours related to entrepreneurship and its usefulness

  23. Deleted SLO ‘Different types of entrepreneurial businesses from grade 5 and added SLO discuss the contribution of at least two Pakistani entrepreneurs.

  24. Moved SLO Define inflation and how it affects the purchasing power of people to book 5 for cohesion.

  25. Moved scarcity topic from book 5 to book 4 with SLO: Recall the concept of scarcity

  26. The SLO about taxes and government loans is Additional SLO. It is also covered in Citizenship.

  27. Added example of expenditure in SLO ‘Apply economics and money management in personal life.

  28. Moved SLO ‘discuss the role and importance of money in peoples lives to Grade 4 to avoid repetition

  29. SLO of define Trade and business moved to Book 5 for cohesion. It is improved to ‘Define trade, business, and ecommerce.

  30. SLO of transportation in book 5 to be rephrased to increase rigour: ‘Identify major means of transportation in trade and business.

  31. Domain ‘Economics: Added SLO Create and present your own hypothetical business/enterprise.