Welcome to the Single National Curriculum (SNC) Feedback Portal.

Here you will find a DRAFT version of updates to the curriculum for ECCE to Grade 12. Please give your feedback on all material shared.

After feedback is incorporated, SNC for Grades 6-8 will be notified for implementation in the Academic Year starting in 2022. First round of feedback for these grades is due on December 20, 2021.

An updated curriculum for ECCE to Grade 5 and for Grades 9-12 will be notified later, for implementation in the Academic Year starting 2023.


  1. The content is essentially the same but a more relevant approach is introduced for students to develop critical thinking.

  2. The content has been reorganized to allow for better sequencing and logical flow.

  3. Repetition is avoided throughout the curriculum.

  4. New content is added under social issues of Pakistan.

  5. New contemporary and relevant content has been added to the curriculum e.g. international organisations such as UNO, IMF and World Bank that have impacted Pakistans economic, foreign policy and social set up.

  6. Primary and secondary sources (newspapers, articles, pictures) are given importance for students to acquire authentic knowledge.