Welcome to the Single National Curriculum (SNC) Feedback Portal.

Here you will find a DRAFT version of updates to the curriculum for ECCE to Grade 12. Please give your feedback on all material shared.

After feedback is incorporated, SNC for Grades 6-8 will be notified for implementation in the Academic Year starting in 2022. First round of feedback for these grades is due on December 20, 2021.

An updated curriculum for ECCE to Grade 5 and for Grades 9-12 will be notified later, for implementation in the Academic Year starting 2023.

This page requires General Feedback on the curriculum. Each question will be highlighted when you move your cursor over it. Please click to enter your comments in the text box that appears. Kindly note that we have provided you the ability to give Subject Specific Feedback in detail as well. Please click on the tab for the specific subject you are interested in. As you read through the curriculum documents, you may click on the highlighted text and enter your comments in the textbox that appears.

  1. What do you think are the key strengths of the SNC?

  2. Is there anything that could be added to improve the SNC?

  3. What are the challenges that you foresee while implementing the SNC in the classrooms? How can the government facilitate the said challenge? 

  4. How do you think the needs of pupils with special educational needs can be addressed by the SNC?

  5.  Are the curriculum documents easy to understand and interpret? Yes/No? Comments: 

  6. What supplementary resources could be provided for ease in curriculum implementation?

  7. Please use this section to give any additional comments/suggestions