Welcome to the Single National Curriculum (SNC) Feedback Portal.

Here you will find a DRAFT version of updates to the curriculum for ECCE to Grade 12. Please give your feedback on all material shared.

After feedback is incorporated, SNC for Grades 6-8 will be notified for implementation in the Academic Year starting in 2022. First round of feedback for these grades is due on December 20, 2021.

An updated curriculum for ECCE to Grade 5 and for Grades 9-12 will be notified later, for implementation in the Academic Year starting 2023.

Rationale for ECCE Changes


Personal, social, and emotional development - Competency 2:

  1. C2:4 and 5 - ELO for working cooperatively in groups for age group 3-4 years has been merged, as both the ELOs share a common premise.

  2. C2:5 - ELO for 3-4 years: Use courtesy words (good morning,  Assalam o Alaikum, thank you, sorry)  as per situation. The word greetings has been replaced with definitive courtesy words.

  3. C2:6 - ELO has been replaced with Suggest solutions to everyday problems, as it aligns to the 4-5 age group ELO in conjunction.

Competency 3

  1. C3:1 - The word ‘recognize has been replaced with ‘talk as children of this age group are more inclined towards talking about the culture they belong to, rather than recognizing different cultures.

  2. C3.3 - the word ‘believe has been replaced with ‘learn, as it is an individual choice to believe in a faith, students, at this level, can be made to learn about a faith.


  1. Merged C1:3 with C1:1 as both are of a similar nature

  2. C1:1 - articulate between sounds is unclear hence articulate has been replaced with respond and ‘between is replaced with ‘two.

  3. C1:4 - ELO has repetition, the term “interrupt has been removed, as listening to others and waiting for their turn to speak is the same thing as not interrupting others.

  4. C1:3 shifted to C2:4 becasue SLO based on expressive language.

  5. C1:5 - the word ‘tenses has been replaced with ‘direction as that is more relevant to the 4-5 years ELO in conjunction with it.

  6. C2:1 has been made concise. The word ‘basic has been removed as childrens ideas are to be valued.

  7. C2:2 - for both 3-4 and 4-5years, the phrase ‘at home has been removed as that cannot be assessed by the teacher in the classroom. ELO made more concise. The term ‘in the language being taught has been added to keep it more open-ended, and to give more flexibility to schools.

  8. C3A:2 - ‘demonstrate interest by looking at colourful pictures has been removed as it was not of relevance to the ELO.

  9. C3A:3 for 4-5 years: reworded and merged with C3A:5. - for grades 4-5 recognized letters and words in the environment which will include signs and symbols in the schools,

  10. C3:A for 3-4 years has been reworded

  11. C3:A3

  12. Repetition is the rationale for removing C3B:4 and replacing it with C3B:5.

  13. Moving C3B:6 to cell C3B:5

  14. removed syllables in the C3B:5

  15. Phonemes and spoken words have been removed because there is no continuity after the students have generated rhyming words and alliteration patterns (C3B:5).

  16. Removed Write consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words by representing some sounds with the appropriate letters. it would be moved to writing portion (C3B:6)

  17. Moved the C4:4 to C4: for 4-5 group age. The age group of 3 to 4 years old do not have such developed fine motor skills.

  18. replaced the word ‘expression with the ‘simple words for upper and lower case letters. moved it to C4:6

  19. Removed “Demonstrate the beginning of creative writing by using simple words and sight words to express an idea or story” because it is not age appropriate.

  20. ‘Recognize and write different word families (rhyming word at, an, it, ban, bun, sun etc.) merged with C4:8.

Basic Maths Concepts:

  1. Added the word ‘write in the C1:1

  2. Deleted the row of identifying and writing numbers up 20 and 50 for both the groups.

  3. stay with a non standard unit of measurement and merge the cell C3:3 for both age groups.

  4. Merged C3:3

  5. Deleted “Learn to use basic language to describe the location (e.g., ‘I am under the bed) “ same skill repeated to both age groups.

  6. C4:1 2D for 3-4; 3D for 4-5.

World Around Us

  1. C2:1 has been replaced with C2:2 to make the ELO more skill-based.

  2. C3:4 is emerged because it was repeated for both the groups with different words.

  3. C5:8 merged for both the groups

Creative Arts

C4:3 change the word from fantasy to story.

Physical Development

Changed the name Competency 4 because large muscles are better defined as skills, these being gross motor skills.